Studio Verve’s ‘Floating Ghetto’ installation at the St Kunigundis Church venue opens to the public at DOCUMENTA 15 in Kassel, Germany.

Great progress on our beautiful site in Tahoe, California. Working through (and sketching over) big format drawings out in the sun helps!


We are designing the installation space for Atis Rezistans & Ghetto Biennale at Documenta Fifteen opening next year 18 June to 25 Sept 2022 in Kassel, Germany. (It is a ‘museum of 100 days’ exhibition of contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel)

Vivian is enjoying her second year of judging the 2021 Brick Awards along with an incredible panel of judges within the industry. Visiting shortlisted projects up close has been absolutely enriching.

Studio Verve’s collaboration with David Morley Architects amongst the 7-practice shortlist for the prestigious City of London School Competition.