Amhurst Park School

Feasibility Study




The demolition of existing 91 Amhurst Park to be replaced with a new extension to the existing school at Bethune Road- is conceived as an iconic book-end to mirror the height of the apartment block opposite. The design projects slightly from the face of its immediate neighbours at the Trees.

Some elements from the surroundings have been borrowed in the conception of the design for this corner building namely the curved corner to the 5 storey apartment block directly opposite. The curved corner of the design provides a seamless relationship with that of its adjacent buildings on the flanking sides on both Amhurst Park and on Bethune Road. The curve is easy on the eye.

The building is proposed to be clad in matching facing bricks on the original school recently completed. The verticality of the paired windows on each of the bays of the original school is reinterpreted here with a horizontal emphasis instead which works well with projecting sun-shading lintels and the language of the sweeping curve. The curve of the design leads one towards each entrance of the buildings; a subtle architectural way-finding strategy.

The ‘book-end’ is conceived as a 5 storey building with a basement; with a 3rd floor extension on the existing flat roof of the original school building in order to meet the client’s brief for the number of classrooms and to provide a more balanced approach to the extension.
The 3rd floor extension is well-setback from the building by some 4 metres so as to reduce its impact on the street view.

The Ground floor houses a multi-purpose hall for PE and links to a Library. Admin department takes over the entire First Floor; with three classrooms provided for each of the 2nd and 4th floors. Six classrooms are provided on the 3rd floor. A front air-well is provided to bring in light to the basement below. In all, at least 12 classrooms are provided with some of them larger than the standard to accommodate more pupils.