Charlotte Street Apartments



The Blurb

The Charlotte Street, situated in area known as ‘Fitzrovia’, developed in the 1720s, which is known as Georgian era. Most of the three/four storey terraced townhouses along the street are well preserved and are great examples of the Georgian London.

During the later 18th and 19th centuries the area became less popular and lower rents attracted more writers, artists, craftsmen and immigrants.  Fitzrovia became a notable artistic and bohemian centre and this varied mix of people and small businesses, artist workshops remains partially and contributes to the charm of the area today.

Studio Verve was commissioned to develop an Interior Design scheme for 8 Apartments that derives its identity from the surroundings. We have turned towards the rich history of the area by taking its typical traditional interior element like Georgian panelling and giving it a modern twist in design. Modernised Georgian panels became multifunctional sliding panels/screens hiding a storage behind, bookshelves, become a hidden door or a flexible partition. This new arrangement gives more flexible use of the space and responds to the modern lifestyle and dynamic surroundings.