Hackney, London
Planning granted

The Blurb

The proposed development at the rear of a large Victorian building respects and responds to the massing and the fabric of the surrounding properties, making good use of the existing under used and overgrown rear garden.
Its unique form is in fact derived from the various site constraints.
It consists of a respectfully sloping roofline that follows the 45 degree rules to bring sufficient amount of daylight to the immediate neighbouring properties.

Splayed facades; together with careful positioning of windows ensures the privacy and prevents any overlooking between the proposed building and immediate neighbours. The facades of the new development are proposed to be cladded in lightweight grey cement panels or EPDM Grey waterproof
membrane. The shape of the footprint lends itself to a series of staggered private gardens serving the respective apartments. The ‘silent’ dark grey envelope of the highly sculpted building serves to tighten the building as a whole providing a sculptural quality to the overall form; it is more a landscape form than a typical building.