Artist Studio

Stephen Morris
Brockley, South London
Planning granted


The Blurb

Located within a forested site in Brockley, South London; with a proliferation of mature tree cover, the design of the artist studio was derived upon a careful and sensitive study of the terrain of the site, its relationship to the main Victorian mansion house and the surrounding buildings and the requirements of the artist. The design is conceived conceptually as a ‘found disc’ lodged in the forest. Light-touch on the ground, it occupies only a small footprint for the purpose it serves- as an escape for the artist occupying the main house.

The massing of a stand-alone circular form is deceiving, as the hard edges of a traditional rectangular footprint is essentially removed and lost; the circular form tapers away from the view and the resulting massing viewed from any angle is essentially very much reduced. By pulling the form away from the boundaries, ensuring a singular stand-alone form- the building is conceived almost as sculpture or hard landscape element within the surrounds.

The building is sited away from the entrance at the mews, and the setting-out of the studio is a culmination of a series of set-back lines and building lines extrapolated from surrounding buildings. The site topography has been carefully studied and the building is sunken into the ground to ensure that the scale of the studio is modest and in fact conceived more as a hard landscape element within the overall lush green surroundings.

The warm nature of the Ipe timber cladding combined with the sedum green roof proposed ensure that the massing of the studio ‘disappears’ within the wooded and lush green surroundings. The verticality of the fins serves to dematerialize the circular form; taking away the hard edges of a traditional building. The double-volume studio space looks out onto a private landscaped patio. A combination of natural ventilation and ground source heat pump are proposed for the development.