Atlantic Drive House

Frank McBride
Donegal, Ireland


The Blurb

The proposed new house is located along Atlantic Drive; on the spectacular rugged coast of the Rosguill Peninsula in Donegal, Ireland. The team from Studio Verve spent a few days on site, conducting surveys over the steep terrains, client consultations and basically getting a good grounding of the extremities in local weather and wind conditions.

The view of the bay from the site is nothing of short breath taking and a lot of considerations have been given during the design stage to maintain sightlines to the bay from surrounding roads and houses in the area.

The design is conceived as a natural extension of the rocky slope; with monolithic stone walls extrapolated from the rocky recesses of the slope; forming a staggered split-levelling of spaces – a mix of interlocking single and double volumes- framing specific views of the bay and sea beyond. The design is sympathetic to the sloping terrain; minimising the amount of cut and fills; the exterior a monolithic sculptural mass snaking its way down. The spatial layout a progression of spaces culminating in a dramatic view of the bay as one traverses the staggering stairways. Entirely clothed in green roofs; the proposal is seen as a gentle landscape intervention.