Brecknock Road Duplex



The Blurb

In this project for a landscape architect and dance instructor, our design is to combine two floors of an Islington terrace into a live-work space, with studio and study areas linked by with a new internal stairway.

To establish the brief, we work closely with the clients to understand their lifestyles and working patterns, designing spaces for music and movement during dance practice, as well as areas for quiet reflection and drawing under natural light.

Observing how the household enjoys a direct connection with the lush garden on the ground floor (e.g. breakfast in the conservatory surrounded by greenery), we propose to extend this relationship with nature and light upwards via the new stairway. On the upper floor, the master bedroom and new study are sited such that they overlook into the garden. Daylight is also channelled into the building core by a skylight carefully positioned over the new stairs / bath.