Brirley Road

Competition Entry

The Blurb

Let us introduce you to the TREE-angle, our entry for Waltham Forest’s Making Places competition.

Our idea is for a transitional resting place for passer-by to include the many daily Health Centre visitors and parents waiting to pick up their children from the primary school and local residents walking back from getting their shopping or from work.

A concrete ‘pebble’ seat is proposed at the heart of this little garden; where we imagine children and adults to be sitting or propping themselves up; looking deep into their own reflections in the enveloping mirrored wall; albeit probably making faces or taking ‘reverse selfies’ and we-fies. The mirrored wall provides an everchanging screen of animated faces and moves of both the passer by and stopper by- doubling as a living artwork backed by the rising mound of the green embankment.