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Competition Entry

The Blurb

I don’t want to be the only bee! Our entry for Waltham Forest’s Making Places features a swarm of golden bees looking for a new home.

A loner bee was present at the wall. We took this as a reference to the life of one local resident amongst the hustle and bustle of Waltham Forest life. ‘No man is an island’ and life is all the richer by living and working side by side with someone else and crossing paths with the wider neighbourhood.  With this in mind, we proposed to take the little loner bee and bring to it a host of 33 bee friends and family, perching against this prominent wall. 33 representing the 33 London boroughs.

The wall and brick pointing are first refreshed and refurbished; given a fresh lick of paint- maintaining the precise blue colour now characteristic of the wall. Larger bees measuring about 30cm and 50cm wingspan across are carefully installed against this blue wall; some perching above the top parapet of the wall and roof. This artwork acknowledges that there are many people in our society (be it young or old) who are living alone or who go about their daily lives without the usual intimacy or camaraderie of friends, family and neighbours and their lives can be lifted from the unbearable if neighbours and friends call in on them from time to time.