Courtyard flats at Rossington Street

Hackney, London

The Blurb

Located to the north of Hackney, the site currently contains a three-storey dwelling that feels out of context with its surroundings. The scheme aims to refurbish and renovate the streetscape while providing nine new residential units. The building is carefully sculpted into a C-shape which helps to break the overall massing. The four-storey block is crowned by a red-stained, zinc-clad volume with sharp, projecting, vertical fins and the proposed rooftop is used as a private amenity, with fantastic views over Clapton. The proposal is conceived as a contemporary building with clean lines to be cladded mainly in yellow facing bricks. Bricks are used extensively through the whole project in creative and innovative ways. Special feature brick patterns are interlaced across the facades, ensuring a building of well-proportionated and well-detailed façade treatment throughout.