South Street Apartment Block

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SRK Bergroup Ltd


The Blurb

The development site is located on a residential street in a relatively urban location with a mix of residential, education, commercial and religious use buildings. This proposal aims to provide 5 new residential flats and duplexes placed over staggered 3 to 4 floors with associated private amenity space and ancillary spaces.

The front elevation is well set back from the main street, so the height of the building will not dominate the streetscape and neighbouring row of Victorian housing. The proposal’s massing is also similar in scale when viewed from the rear garden in comparison to the adjacent residential tower blocks. This is achieved through creating 2 volumes of different heights to respond to its immediate surrounding’s characters.

The shifting of floor plates from floor to floor helps to reduce the bulk of the massing and create a more dynamic building visually; accompanied by generous wrapped around balconies. The two blocks have rounded edges so the proposed scheme would be ‘softer’ in ap¬pearance when viewed from both the street and the generous grounds of the park of which it fronts.