Glen Leigh Curve House

East Hertford, UK
Planning granted


The Blurb

Located in a rural setting on the eastern edge of the village of Levens Green in East Hertford, the house has been designed for a growing family. The breath-taking views over the countryside were an important point to consider in the early design stages. The house has been designed so that all the habitable areas located on ground and first floors have ample unimpeded views towards the countryside.

The soft curves of the proposal are a reflection of the organic elements present in the landscape. In plan, the building is an open sweeping curve which, -in elevation- gradually changes in height from a one-storey building (east wing) to a two-storey building.

In practical terms, the master bedroom suite has easy access to the children’s bedrooms while maintaining a level of privacy from the rest of the house by virtue of its position on the first floor.

With the intention of integrating some textures present within the landscape, the wood grain will be reflected on the proposed building concrete by way of using rough-cast concrete and complementary formwork. This will achieve an interesting juxtaposition of elements and will be a poetic reflection of the building and its landscape in context.

The proposal will be championing several sustainability measures – namely the use of PVs, a ground source heat pump (to heat the swimming pool), solar and argon-filled double glazing, low carbon footprint construction methods of prefabricated concrete panels and energy-efficient light fittings.