Lea Bridge Library

Competition Entry

The Blurb

HEX-a-Stage is a system of a series of hexagonal platforms (stages) and planting pattern of varying heights that interlock in an infinite variety of composition; encouraging children of all ages endless opportunities to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play.

The modular hexagonal pattern pixelates the large garden of Lea Bridge Library- as a natural extension of the reading areas within the main Library. It provides a colourful but almost democratic and non-hierarchical organisation of multi-purpose spaces and stages for a multitude of uses ranging from a sensory garden, raised planters, stage for ad-hoc performances, seats for film screening. The edges of these hex-a-stage lend themselves as convenient seats and also for story-telling activities. The stacking up of the heights provide easy sightlines for performances; whilst providing a delightful and playful twist to the organisation of the garden spaces.