Leweston Place

Hackney, London
Planning granted


The Blurb

The original building dates from the 1930s located within a street of similar buildings and is currently in use as a single dwelling.

The brief given by the client was to provide a unique product of family housing that is in high demand within the area.

The development was conceived as a composition of 4 unique ‘townhouses’ that work well as a cluster around a central courtyard with an additional flat atop the main house. The Main House maintains its front set back building line from the street and reduces in scale towards the rear, clipping back its existing long footprint. The poorly built 2-storey side is also removed to make way for the new houses.

The key is to provide a detached single dwelling house to each family rather the typical block of flats, whilst creating a close relationship among them through the introduction of internal courtyard. Each house is proposed in a different brick colour and characterised by there uniquely set up feature brick patterns; providing texture and richness in the articulation to each brick massing.

The result is a cluster of well articulated brick town houses arranged around a beautiful central courtyard shaded by a birch tree- encouraging shared spaces for passive security and children’s play area; yet reinforcing the individual identity and character of each house benefitting from its own private amenity.