Roof Extension at Stoke Newington

Hackney, London
Planning granted

The Blurb

Located atop a handsome five-storey former warehouse building in Belfast Road, a two-storey roof top extension is fashioned out of a series of zinc-clad splayed façades. A number of dramatic sliced throug- cuts reveal outdoor amenity spaces with fantastic views across Stoke Newington. The extension is well set back from the original building line, with the upper level further splayed away in order to reduce the overall massing and scale, especially when viewed from the street level below.

The site is in an excellent geographical location for the community it serves. It is well linked to public transport and has a good mix of retail and commercial facilities in the vicinity of Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington High Street.

The planned design seeks to increase the density of the site which will positively contribute to London’s housing and workspace shortage. The Belfast Road area is well-known locally for a strong community of young artists, designers, writers and musicians. The creative communities on Belfast Road include Zero Belfast Road (studio/gallery complex) and Campbell Works Community Interest Company (arts, entertainment & creative).

The proposed additional workspaces are specifically designed to cater for the creative community’s increasing demands for co-working; structures that encourage creativity, collaboration and embrace flexibility.

The current occupants of Belfast Road are not the standard families or young couples that typical developments are aimed at across the city or, indeed, the country. They represent a demographic group that is quite distinctly East London creatives who desire to remain in Hackney.

The Belfast Road warehouse is undeniably one of the more handsome and elegant buildings in its immediate vicinity, with its wonderful proportions and fine brickwork. The proposed material on the top-hat of this building will further enhance its stature and raise the benchmark of the quality of architecture in the immediate vicinity. The new development has been designed to complement the existing building by utilizing a palette of materials that provides a fresh counterpart to the existing brickwork.

The overriding aim is to achieve a visually complementary modern extension well adapted to the existing building.