Rookswood Swimming Pool

Planning granted


The Blurb

An unusual oval-shaped swimming pool out-building is proposed to a large house that has been built in the English Arts and Crafts style in the early 20th century within its extensive 10 acres of open grounds with large lawned areas and established planting beds. The property with its low slung clay-tile roofs and tall chimneys is located with a Conservation Area and a designated Green Belt; largely screened by mature trees within its extensive beautiful grounds.

The oval shape of the swimming pool building maximises the views out onto the surrounding beautiful landscape to include a special Heritage Blue Atlas Cedar tree. The gentle curves of the oval-shape building also compliments the beautiful Arts and Craft style house; introduced more as an organic landscaped form within the extensive landscape rather than just a building per se. Combined with a green flat roof with a circular roof light; the boundaries between inside and outside is blurred; by bringing in views of the sky and the trees surrounding the property. During the warm summer months; the many doors defining the curved facades can be opened.