The Baby Bank

Lloyd Park Children's Charity

The Blurb

The Lloyd’s Park Children Charity’s Baby Bank was established in 2013 to provide emergency packages (toys, clothing, nappies, cots, milk and food) for local families at the point of crisis. Since then, they have linked in a wide range of innovative, lifeline services aimed at reducing isolation and improving family mental health and wellbeing.

Group sessions create opportunities for families to make friends and build networks of support. Multi-agency ‘pop up’ sessions improve access to local services and family assessments help parents plan steps to overcome their challenges. Currently, their Baby Bank is homeless, greatly reducing our capacity to provide these critical services.

Studio Verve has designed a new Baby Bank building within The Lloyd Park Centre’s grounds which will allow them to run services effectively, directly access support teams at the centre, and would breathe new life into a forgotten area of land, currently taken up with old storage sheds.

The new building will permanently house vital administrative space, a large stock room, a welcoming family reception, and most importantly a fantastic community space with a free to use laundrette and micro-café where families can relax, make friends and engage with our wider support offers.