The Tower of many Moons

Competition Entry

The tower is conceived as concentric rings of ‘moons’ (apertures) as one traverses to greater heights via each level. These inner rings are in different speed of revolution; producing apertures in varying states of eclipse. With the tower in a state of approaching eclipse; natural daylight and ventilation can be calibrated via the revolving rings; combined with the requirements for privacy from the eyes of the public or adjacent buildings. The Tower of many Moons essentially becomes a living tower; controlling the breathability of its skin… and affording its occupants a controlled experience against the elements and the individual need to hide away.

Hosted by Wide Open Arts and curated by Leah Gordon, our tower will be exhibited alongside selected open call entries for the Outsider Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St, New York City between 21 to 24th January 2016.

Vivian is one of the judges for this open call competition.