Titan Square Masterplan

Titan Group
Seremban, Malaysia

Straddling over Jalan Jelebu and a curving river across lush parcels of green field sites; a swirling podium sweeps the dramatic figure 8; the infinity sign connecting a choreographic sequence of circular towers in a symbolic gesture within this new Titan Square development in Seremban, Malaysia.

The series of towering residential skyscrapers rise and fall to the sweep of the calligraphic infinity sign; coming together as a sculptural assemble in mid dance. Pockets of vertical sky gardens intersperse each of these residential towers; as green lungs within the high rise luxury living.

The sweeping podium plate doubles as an integrated resort support connecting the individual towers; providing exclusive areas of play, spa, fitness, fine dining and entertainments; besides providing a conveniently linked car parking to the residents.

Oasis of lagoons and water features are flanked by these towers as an extension of the natural river; providing a psychological and visual relief to the new township; making river and lagoon side living a given.

The rise of these towers are seen from far as a backdrop of mountain against which the water element of the river is set against.