Urban Transit Area

Malmi, Helsinki
Competition Entry


The Blurb

The station is a gate, it is the bridge between places, people, cultures….the station is the connection. Our main concept is to improve the experience of the ‘waiting for a train’ phase.
Currently the waiting area for train is unprotected from the weather (which gets very harsh in winter) and it is in a dismal area that is begging for crime.
Our design concept is to create a platform above the 11m wide platform that is used to wait for trains. This raised platform spans the entire width of the train tracks, which is about 40 meters wide.Most of this platform is free open space, whilst a main area runs through the middle with toilets, coffee places, restaurants, etc. In winter you can wait for your train in the warmth, and then take the escalator down directly to your train.
The design of the shelter on the raised platform is conceived as a large playground and community area. We’ve used the fibre concrete to create a very fluid area where the roof merges into the ground, making almost the entire area walkable. We imagine that kids and skateboarders will hang out there and make use of the area, and in winter parents will take their kids there to slide down the sloped roofs on sleds, something that’s very popular in Finland.
The raised platform creates a centre for the city of Malmi, right at the heart, with good views in each direction. It also allows easier access than before, by having escalators running directly up from the streets on the side. The platform is also connected to existing foot bridges linking up surrounding shopping malls and car parks. We proposed to use planks of fibre cement panel to create the floor, wall and roof to establish uniformity in material. Variations to the surface are introduced in the form of strips of glazing, vegetation and signage.